The Northside Coalition for Fair Housing

A Resident-Focused Community Development Organization.

Northside Row Houses

The Northside Coaliton for Fair Housing is founded on the premise that families and individuals have a responsibility to create for themselves living environments that are safe, livable, beautiful, and sustainable, with indifference to a resident's income, race, or physical abilities.

Community revitalization can only be successful when the families, individuals, and businesses who were impacted historically by the blight and disinvestment benefit from the revitalization of the neighborhood. NCFH believes that personal growth and development is inextricably related to a physical enviroment. We develop and manage holistic, comprehensive, and, most importantly, respectful revitalization opportunities that provide homes, opportunity, and voice. We provide support for individuals, families, and businesses throughout the process of community transition. Our goal is not to replace the current demographic, but to build on and grow individual and community capacity to navigate the demands of changing markets. From the policy level to one-on-one case management and business development, NCFH is committed to changing the quality of housing and amenities in transitioning communities, while improving the quality of life for the under-served.

What's happening next?

  • Children's Table

    Location: 1821 Brighton Road
    Date: August 4, 2015
    Time: 2:00pm
    About This Event: Children's Table is "hands-on" cooking class that empowers children to experience food, one recipe at a time. Each class has a different theme with a focus on different cuisine, produce and ingredients.